Tuesday, April 7, 2009

VIDEO: The Hire...

So, I love me some podcasts. Currently, podcasts that I am subscribed to are, The /Filmcast, The IFC News Podcast, SceneUnseen Podcast, Meet The Filmmaker, KCRW's The Treatment, and Filmspotting. I love these things not only because they talk about film, but they highlight things that I haven't seen, or simply forgot about. This set of videos is one of the things I have forgotten about.

Released by BMW, The Hire is a collection of 8 short films directed by noteable directors like Ang Lee, Guy Ritchie, and John Woo. Starring Clive Owen, they are action packed shorts that involve The Driver, and various events that he is involved in. They are balls to the wall fun, and embedded below!

THE HIRE, PT. 1 - AMBUSH (John Frankenheimer)

THE HIRE, PT. 2 - CHOSEN (Ang Lee)

THE HIRE, PT. 3 - THE FOLLOW (Wong Kar Wai (I think, it's WKW, but that's a famous sudinym of his))

THE HIRE, PT. 4 - STAR (Guy Ritchie

THE HIRE, PT. 5 - POWDER KEG (Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu)

THE HIRE, PT. 6 - HOSTAGE (John Woo)

THE HIRE, PT. 7 - TICKER (Joe Carnahan)


Come back later for more news, notes, and a review of Man Overboard!

Go see something good!

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