Wednesday, April 1, 2009

NEWS: A Trio In Talks For Inception...

Well, aside from a few false April Fools pranks, there are a few pieces of news out there. Sure, I could talk about the newly announced Men In Black 3, but this is far more interesting. Variety is now reporting that a trio is in talks to join Leonardo DiCaprio in Chris Nolan's next film, Inception.

Warner Bros. is in talks with Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy and Ellen Page to join the cast of "Inception," which Christopher Nolan wrote and will direct as his next film.

Leonardo DiCaprio has already been set to star.

WB bought the spec preemptively before other studios got a crack at the material, which kept Warner in business with the filmmaker after smash hit "The Dark Knight" (Daily Variety, Feb. 12).More than one option(Co) Daily Variety
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(Co) Daily Variety

So, it looks like this film is shaping up to be one to really look out for, aside from simply the brilliance of the film maker. I think more so than the two big name leads, Murphy and Page, I'm really excited to see Cotillard in a Batman film. She's a brilliant actress, and one that I've been wanting to see more of since La Vie en Rose. She's next going to be seen in Public Enemies, and not shockingly, she looks amazing.

More news on this film as it develops, as it now has a release date, of July 16th, 2010.

Go see something good!

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