Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So, over at /Film, they have decided to put together a few video blogs about this upcoming summer movie season. While I haven't had the luck of gaining video capabilities (no camera over here), I have the time to put together a post in a similar fashion. However, I do want to hear your opinions on these films. These are the 5 films I am most looking forward to, being released this upcoming May.

5. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Directed by Tsotsi helmer Gavin Hood, the recently leaked film starring Hugh Jackman looks to kick off the season on May 1st. While I don't think this film will really be a good film, or anything worth talking about in depth afterwards, I do think this will give any action junkie a much needed overdose. Featuring an ensemble cast of mutants ranging from Gambit to Deadpool, this looks to not only be action packed, but any fanboys wet dream.

4. Drag Me To Hell

This may be the geekiest pick by yours truly. There is nothing truly startiling about this film, but there is one piece of the crew that has me over the moon for this thing. Sam Raimi. Coming off of the Spiderman franchise (or taking a break out of it), this is Raimi's return to what made him famous. Campy horror. And you know what, it's a welcome return

3. Star Trek XI

Brought to us by J.J. Abrams, this next step in the Star Trek franchise had it's world premiere last night at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, to RAVE reviews from the Twitter-sphere. It's Star Trek for Star Wars fans, and THAT is what has me excited. I'm not a Star Trek fan at all, but I am a huge Star Wars fan, and the space battles which have been the bane of the Trek universe seem to be amped up to 11 in this reboot/sequel/wtf of the franchise. Featuring another amazing cast, you can check this film out when it hits theatres on May 8th.

2. Terminator: Salvation

This film is the most interesting on the list, in my opinion. Coming to us from the Charles Angel's director that is McG, this is a weird collection of cast and crew. An unproven film maker, a proven cast, and a script neo-co-written by Dark Knight co-scribe, Johnathan Nolan all have their hands in this film, continuing the mythology of the Terminator franchise. It may fall on it's metallic ass, but with what has been released via trailers and TV spots, you can bet your house that this will be an action packed thrill ride, and to me, one hell of a great film.

1. Up!

Honestly, all I need to say is Pixar, and it's my number one. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I do not know a single film studio, live action or animation, that is better and more deep than Pixar. When you have a track record including instant classics like Wall-E, Finding Nemo, Monster's Inc, and their best, The Incredibles, you make it hard to say otherwise.

OTHER NOTEABLE RELEASES: The Limits of Control, The Girlfriend Experience, Angels Vs. Demons, The Brothers Bloom (barring a delay)

Check back here on Thursday for Part 2, June...

Go see something good!

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