Wednesday, April 29, 2009

NEWS: Hollywood Sequelpalooza '09...

One of those things that Hollywood has been looking at making a norm, is creating sequels/prequels to franchises that, albeit interesting, dead. Well, not to be outdone, they have come out with some really interesting and mindblowingly ridiculous projects. Here's the list and some breif details.

- Gremlins 3

Third film in the Gremlins series, which if created, will not be directed by series helmer, Joe Dante.

- Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2

This one is the most interesting. Recently, WFRR director Robert Zimeckis, said that “digital tools and performance capture” has him “starting to think about” doing another Roger Rabbit.

- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Mirage Studios is working on a live action adaptation of the classic comic book series

- Drop Dead Fred

Russell Brand is set to star in this remake

- Clueless sequel

Amy Heckerling may, or may not, be currently working on a sequel to the hit '90's film.

- Aliens

Ridley Scott has been considering creating a prequel to Alien

- Predators

Robert Rodriguez is set to produce a prequel/reboot of the Arnold Schwartzenagger film, Predator.

- Wall Street 2

Oliver Stone has just announced that he will be coming back to make a sequel to Wall Street, with Michael Douglas also returning, alongside Shia Lebouf.

What projects interest you?

Go see something good!

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