Friday, April 24, 2009

NEWS: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joins Inception...

Yesturday, I mentioned new details on Rian Johnson's next film, Looper. While I mentioned that film, I also discussed the fact that he is one of mayb 5 or 10 directors that, no matter the project, I give the benefit of the doubt to. Well, another one of those directors is Christopher Nolan.

Weither it's his first film, Following, or his last, The Dark Knight, this film maker has not only made a set of phenominal films, but has a few classics in that canon. His next film, Inception, sounds like it will be no different, and it's already solid cast, just got a lot stronger.

THR is reporting that 500 Days of Summer star Joseph Gordon-Levitt has joined the cast of Nolan's Inception in a role that has been vacated by James Franco, who was forced to leave due to scheduling conflicts. His role will be as an associate to the lead, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, in what has been described as a sci-fi film set within “the architecture of the mind.

The cast will also feature Hard Candy/Juno/Tracey Fragments star, Ellen Page.

Go see something good!

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