Friday, July 17, 2009

CASTING: De Niro in Machete?

This is beyond amazing news. It appears that, in the early stages of casting for his upcoming slash fest, Machete, Robert Rodriguez is looking to one up Stallone's The Expendables by building an epic cast full of action star/cult figures, and apparently one legendary actor.

Early this week, it was leaked to the web, via BloodyDisgusting, that Rodriguez is ironing out a huge list of dream actors for his upcoming camp-fest. The biggest surprise being Robert DeNiro. Here is what /Film has to say about the story:

Robert Rodriguez is finally getting around to direct a feature film adaptation of the infamous Grindhouse faux movie trailer Machete, with he will co-direct with his longtime editor Ethan Maniquis. Last we heard, production was scheduled to begin before the end of July. BloodyDisgusting obviously has spies in the Rodriguez camp as they’ve broken a bunch of stories on the Rodriguez-produced Predators, and now has a crazy list of actors/actresses who will be featured in the film.

The biggest shocker is Rober De Niro, who has apparently taken the role of Senator McLaughlin. Rodriguez has ties to Tarantino, who definitely has ties to De Niro, so its not impossible. Other cast includes Danny Trejo (obviously), Michelle Rodriguez of Fast and the Furious and Lost fame who will be playing Luz, and Jonah Hill of Superbad fame, who will be playing Julio.

The script is a few years old now, and was brought to light by the brilliant trailer that was before Grindhouse. It has been taking a beating with financing problems but it looks like it will be getting made, at least hopefully. I personally would be more excited for a DON'T film, but that could just be me. I also HATE the Jonah Hill casting, as not only is he possibly the least funny comedian out right now, but I'm just over his whole schtick. The great thing about Rodriguez and his cohort Tarantino (much more so Tarantino), is the two have a great eye for bringing great talent back to form. John Travolta owes the last 20 years to Tarantino, and Danny Trejo owes his whole life to Rodriguez. This cast, while interesting, and including STEVEN SEGAL, is very weird mix of actors. What do YOU think?

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