Friday, July 24, 2009

NEWS: 10 Minutes of Where The Wild Things Are Is Shown At Comic-Con...

While I am not one of the lucky ones who are able to head out to Comic-Con this year, a few websites that I religiously follow have been able to go, and have all said the same thing.

Where The Wild Things Are is the most beautiful thing shown at this years convention.

Most enamored has been /Film, who not only gives us a full post covering the 10 minutes shown at the con, but also says that it may be one of the most beautiful things shown at this years geek orgy. Here's just a snippet of their feelings:

Throughout, there was music that sounded at times like additional Arcade Fire songs, but also some of what must be the music created by Carter Burwell and Karen O from the Yeah, Yeah Yeahs. Everything we heard fit the footage very well and added to the sense of a fantasy land that is built on a less than stable foundation. None of the sequences we saw directly showed how things must eventually fall apart; you could watch these moments and wonder where the movie’s drama comes in. But look at the trailer again and you’ll see Max’s kingdom crumbling, and I can see why Sendak might describe the movie as dangerous. Where the Wild Things Are appears to have a real emotional depth, like a dream of a strange, wild forest withbright grottoes and shadowy, frightening reaches.

I’ll say this: people have evidently felt completely transported by Avatar, which left me relatively unmoved. So far, Where the Wild Things Are is the movie that really seems to have been shot in a totally new environment, with creatures and places actually exist outside the film frame.

Most intriguing than Avatar?!?! I was already head over heels excited for this project, and now, you can just amp that up to 11. This film not only has a cast and crew to die for, but is now getting uber hyped buzz behind it. All in all, this is easily the most anticipated film for the rest of the year for yours truly, and really, there is not another project coming down the pipeline, in production or not, that I am more excited about.

You can read the full article covering all 10 minutes shown HERE.

Thanks to /Film for the heads up!

Go see something good!

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