Tuesday, July 28, 2009

VIDEO: G4 Interviews Cliffy B and Wiseman on Gears Of War Film...

So the world of film is currently in a post Comic Con hangover, and in the midst of the drinking binge that the Con was, G4 was able to attain a couple big interviews, regarding the much hyped adaptation of Gears of War.

They were able to talk to game designer Cliff Bleszinski and the director of the upcoming movie, Len Wiseman. Lots have been said about what may go into and what will be left out of the film, and while this video does nothing to sort those groups out, it does at least hint that it's going in the right direction. Sure, it's moving slow, but hopefully it's moving with a lot of care.

New Line/WB are going out of their way to get this thing out by the summer of 2010, but that is beginning to look a bit unlikely. Unless a lot of news is set to come out real soon, Wiseman and the rest of the crew will probably have to wait until 2011. That said, NO ONE should expect this film to be an R rated gorefest. If it is, I will be more than shocked. Cliffy B said it right from the outset. The property that is Gears was meant to be as media friendly as possible. That will be no different from the film. Sure, everyone can say that it's a huge hit game that made a ton of money, which it did, but there is no way that an R rated Gears of War film will be a monster hit, or as much of a hit as WB really wants. ESPECIALLY with Live Free or Die Hard director Len Wiseman behind the camera. I'm not saying it's going to be a shitty movie, it's just not going to be the film that everyone we really expect.

Go see something good!

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