Friday, July 3, 2009

FIRST LOOKS: Eminem Gets Funny and Dakota Fanning is a Runaway...

Over the past couple of weeks, a ton of new photos for highly anticipated films have been released, and two of the most interesting or buzzed about online come to us from two quite different films.

About a month ago, rapper Eminem told sources at MTV that he had filmed a role for the upcoming Judd Apatow directed cancer comedy, Funny People. No one really knows about what exactly his role will be, but those who have read the script have looked at two possibilites. During the film, Adam Sandler's character goes to many of his A-list celebrity friends to let them know that he has a terminal illness. Marshall Mathers is either one of these buddies, or will be taking over for Bruce Springsteen as a celebrity who drops some knowledge for our hero to think about.

Well, the first photo of him from the film has been released, and while it's nothing special for the most part, it is interesting to see him in an Apatow film. I think he is a fine actor, and should fit perfectly in what will be a comedy right up his alley. Raunchy as all hell.

Another photo was released yesturday, that not only brought a lot of buzz to the interwebs, but brought a lot of joy to my heart. This photo comes to us from the set of The Runaways, a feature film about the legendary all girl punk band, starring Dakota Fanning, who this is the first photo of in costume, and Kristen Stewart, who plays Joan Jett. I love this photo, and the story behind this film is truly interesting. What do YOU think?

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