Friday, July 31, 2009

NEWS: Apatow To Produce Pierce and Carney Projects...

So, I JUST posted the first trailer for the upcoming Coen Brother's Project, A Serious Man. Now, take that love I have for those brothers, and turn that into dislike, and thrust that 12 year old girl style angst on Judd Apatow. I'm the furthest thing from a fan of 40 Year Old Virgin, and even less for Knocked Up. This is all no secret for those who read this site.

However, the thought of Apatow producing little indie projects has me intrigued. ESPECIALLY when the people behind these projects have films like Boys Don't Cry and Once on their resume's, respectivley.

ComingSoon is now reporting that Apatow will be producing a romance comedy for Kimberly Pierce, director of BDC and Stop-Loss, as well as some sort of comedy project for Once helmer, John Carney. While nothing has been said about the Carney team-up, Pierce's official website had this to say about her Apatow team-up.

“in the vein of Pedro Almodovar and Woody Allen in which a ‘guy’s’ group of friends resuscitates him from the worst possible breakup, and trains him to find true love in this gender twist on the classic romantic comedy.”

Not much is known about either film, but the Pierce film HAD been talked about earlier, with studios hoping to get production kick started sometime in 2009. It doesn't look like THAT will happen, but we are not too far from hearing quite a bit more about this really interesting combination.

What do YOU think?

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