Tuesday, July 21, 2009

WTF: Bruno Takes 73% Plunge On 2nd Weekend?!

This is a bit of an interesting news item.

Over at The Movie Blog, the geniuses who pen that site noted the following:

It’s considered normal for a movie to take between a 45%-50% drop off in ticket sales between their first and second weekend out. If it only drops by like 30% you’re doing REALLY well. Borat was one of the VERY few films that actually took a jump UP on its second weekend in release.

Bruno however took a massive dive and dropped over 73% only managing to make about $8 million on it’s second weekend. I’m not surprised. I have not seen the movie myself, but even thout the film holds a very respectable 69% on Rotten Tomatoes, most of my friends who have seen the movie haven’t been impressed and usually say it’s “ok”.

So, as they point out, Sacha Baren Cohen's earlier film with Larry Charles, Borat, not only didn't decrease in it's second week, but INCREASED actually. However, after an opening week gross of right around $30 Million, which already was $20 Million below market expectations, to only gross $8 Million on it's second week is quite lackluster.

So why do you think this happened? I have a plan on blaming a certain young wizard and his newest film, but even there, the demographics for the two films are so VASTLY different, that it's hard to pin down. I personally lay blame on really really poor marketing and a lack of an opening weekend boom, which leads to a lower word of mouth which is really what Borat's mindblowingly retarded gross was based on, but what do YOU think?

Go see something good!

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