Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NEWS: Finally, It Looks Like HBO Is Getting A Comic Book Series...Maybe...

So, every so often, a comic book series will be adapted into a feature length film, and besides talking about the quality of the said film, one thing is always the same. Everyone begins to ponder, at least at the outset, why the film simply couldn't become a television series, with the most talked about channel being the bastions of brilliant television (minus Entourage), HBO.

Well, we finally may have that show, and it will come in the form of the Eisner Award winning book, 100 Bullets. Here's the story's premise:

The Eisner and Havey Award-winning comic book hinges on the question of whether people would take the chance to get away with revenge. It’s a Twilight Zone-like morality decision, where a mysterious Agent named Graves approaches people who have been the victim of some kind of terrible injustice or wrong, and gives them the chance to set things right in the form of a nondescript attaché case containing a handgun, 100 untraceable bullets, and a photograph of a person, along with incontrovertible evidence that target presented is primarily and personally responsible for recipient’s woes. The bullets are completely untraceable and that any law enforcement investigation that uncovers one of them will immediately stop.

Amazing premise, right? Right. Well this not only sounds like a great idea, but in a recent interview with MTV, Brian Azzarello had this to say...

Television — there’s an idea!” Before continuing “That’s all I’ll say. Television… or maybe something that’s not just TV.

While I've never read the book series, I do love the art style to the book, and the premise is beyond interesting, and it allows for a lot of interesting ideas to be mined. Oh, and for those who know about HBO, you know that if it's not TV, it's HBO, so who knows exactly what Azzarello was saying. Heres to hoping.

Go see something good!

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  1. They were developing a 100 Bullets video game a few years ago, but it got canned. Nice to see the comic may be living on in some other form now that it's finished.


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