Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NEWS: So, The Facebook Movie Could Actually Be Amazing?

According to early script reviews, this may just be so.

From the very outset of this project, there has been an insanely large amount of skepticism about it. From the self proclaimed computer ignorant screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, to the weird mash up of styles with David Fincher still in talks to direct. However, ScriptShadow has a review of the 162 page script up, and based on the yet to be released book, The Accidental Billionaires, The Social Network actually sounds quite stellar.

Here is /Films sum up of the overall story:

The story is about two friends at Harvard, the tech guy and the business whiz, how they created the internet’s fastest-growing phenomenon and the conflict that went along with it. You’ve got Mark Zuckerberg, an ADD coding machine who creates sort of Harvard-exclusive ‘hot or not’ website in an hour after being dumped. That leads to a deal with rich brothers Cameron and Tyler, who want Mark to code their Harvard-only MySpace ripoff. Mark agrees, but at the same time is creating what will quickly become FaceBook with his best friend Eduardo, the business whiz. Then Sean Parker, Napster co-founder, comes into the picture, and conflict explodes.

The script review points out that the story and screenplay have a ton of “a lot more humor than I expected - to the point where I wondered if it should be classified as a comedy,” and that even things like the weird Facebook arguments that erupt between friends and lovers about relationship status listings are in there, but that they work because it’s the guys who created that infrastructure, not just some schmo. The review is also taken with Sean Parker as a character, saying that the egomaniac tech star could be ‘iconic’.

However, the script also is flawed. It's very long at 162 pages, doesn't have an overall conflict or structure to it, and with David Fincher involved, it seems a lot more conventional than any of his past projects, something that is probably the biggest flaw for yours truly. I know Sorkin didn't have Fincher's involvement in mind, but I hope following drafts are a bit more out there, or at least allowing for more of Fincher's style to seep out.

What do YOU think about this news? You can read the full, spoiler filled script review HERE.

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