Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TRAILER: The Box...

So here's the deal.

Donnie Darko is a genuinely awful film. In every possible way, and one that is not only overrated, but really, just not good. I can go into why, but I have many a time on this site, and this isn't the time or place for that, so I'm just saying.

THAT said, it does have importance when setting up The Box. Coming to us from Richard Kelly, this is the Donnie Darko director's third feature directorial effort, and looks to be his most commercial. However, when comparing Kelly's films to commercial pieces of cinema, it's like comparing which Picasso painting is the most similar to an actual photo. Never one for a comprehensible narrative, Kelly looks to branch out from the realm of pretentious drek with The Box, and hopefully, as this trailer shows, the films Twilight Zone inspired premise will be one that will allow for a solid film to actually come from this guys brain. This trailer actually looks really really good, and the story is simple enough so that Kelly shouldn't go too overboard with it, similar to the plot of DD, which he admittedly doesn't understand himself. Here's to hoping.

The film stars Cameron Diaz and James Marsden as a couple with an increasingly desperate need for money. A box mysteriously appears on their doorstep, followed by Frank Langella, who presents an offer: push the button on the box and someone unknown to them will die, and they’ll be given a payment of one million dollars. The story is based off Richard Matheson’s short story Button, Button.

Go see something good!

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