Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NEWS: DJ Caruso To Helm Dead Space Adaptation...

This week has been a week of video game film announcements. First we had James Wan helming, or at least in talks to helm, the much anticipated adaptation of the hit series Castlevania, and now it looks like another hit series, albeit a newer one, will be hitting the big screen.

Variety is now reporting that game publisher EA and Temple Hill Ent., who are also working on the Gears of War adaptation, have finally found a director for their horror/sci-fi adaptation, in the form of Eagle Eye/Disturbia director, DJ Caruso. Those who played the game may notice a lot of the games film references, with nods to Alien and even the classic Tarkovsky film Solaris, along with many many others.

Here is how /Film describes the game's plot:

The game follows an engineer named Isaac Clarke, who with two other officers arrives on a derelict mining ship to discover massive carnage. The bodies of dead crewmembers are being recombined into horrific zombie-like creatures that can only be killed by dismemberment. As Isaac seeks to restore power to the ship he discovers the influence of a scientologist-like cult that focused on a monolithic alien artifact. Power from the artifact may be creating the necromorph zombies, and may also be responsible for visions that plague Isaac as he works.

Along with the announcement of the hiring of a director, it appears that Temple Hill will be releasing the name or names of the scribes who will be penning the script.

I personally don't find this good news. I honestly was hoping that Caruso and pal Shia Lebeouf would get their stuff together and start production on their talked about Y The Last Man adaptation, but that appears to be taking a back seat to this video game to film adaptation. Sure, the plot sounds intriguing, and the world can ALWAYS use great sci-fi films, but I think a Y The Last Man adaptation would be both more interesting, and a better sell. That said, I also really don't think that Caruso's style fits this project at all.

What do YOU think?

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