Sunday, October 18, 2009

FORUM/DISCUSSION/TOP 10: Favorite Horror Films...

So we are under two weeks away from Halloween. That means, among other things, it's time for each of us to pull out our most cherished horror films, to once again scare the hell out of us. However, what happens when the films you early bust out have become a tad bit stale? Well, that is what I'm here for.

I have come to find the horror genre to be one of my favorite, and one of the more interesting ones in the world of cinema. With a yearly turnout of handfulls of pure drek the likes of Last House on The Left and Dead Clowns (not this year, but yeah, shit), it takes not only a lot of skill, but a keen eye for the genre to wittle out the crap from the gold. That said, below you will find not only a link to my list of the 10 best horror films, ever made, but also a list of 10 horror films, that you haven't heard of, but really should have, and should watch come Halloween.

10. Wolf Creek
9. Play Misty For Me
8. Suspiria
7. The Haunting
6. Zombie (seriously, Zombie vs. it)
5. Freaks
4. Last House on The Left (Original)
3. Peeping Tom
2. Repulsion
1. Audition

This leads me to my discussion part. What are horror films that YOU love? Do you think modern horror can live up to classic frights? When is your favorite era of horror films? What scares you?

Go see something good!


  1. Play Misty for Me was excellent, Jessica Walters was really haunting in that film. I have been wanting to see Audition for so long now, hopefully I will get to it soon.

  2. Play Misty for Me is a fantastic film. One of the better thrillers no one has seen. Fantastic piece of thriller cinema. And Audition is all about the payoff. It's so brilliant. It's my third favorite horror film of all time, for just reasons.

  3. The only movie I've seen from this list is Freaks, which is one of my favorite horror movies as well. I've been meaning to watch Last House on the Left, but I wanted to watch the Ingmar Bergman film that inspired it first (The Virgin Spring).

    I'm pretty sure Repulsion just got a new release from Criterion, so I'll try and get ahold of that one soon.

  4. Two things.

    LHotL is a great film, but the Bergman film is one of the best I have ever seen. It's a brilliant film, and is a far more interesting look at the themese that are shared (along with the same classic scandiavian folk tale) amongst them, as it doesn't rely on cheap thrills like a few of the scenes in Last House do.

    Also, yes, Repulsion just got a new Criterion release, and it's amazing, so amazing, that I currently have it sitting on my shelf. Got it for half off from Barnes and Nobles...score!


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