Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NEWS: Adrien Brody Joins Predators...Film May Actually Be Good?

Well call me shocked.

About a week ago, Latino Review got their hands on a copy of the script for the upcoming Robert Rodriguez produced/written reboot, Predators. Now, that's no really any big news, as they can get their hands on pretty much any screenplay they damn well see fit for snapping up, but what is news is just how good they said the screenplay was, declaring that the script was “a 90-page kick-ass sci-fi movie worthy of the original. The script isn’t some lame PG-13 follow-up. It’s a bloody, violent hard-R script.”

The film, written by Robert Rodriguez and revised by Michael Finch and Alex Litvak, is a complete reboot/sequel that was originally thought up by Rodriguez over 15 years ago, as a writing job for Fox. However, now that Rodriguez has been given complete carte blanche, the film is looking more and more likely that it may not be just a monsterous hit, and that it may actually be one hell of an action packed thrill ride.

Now we can add some heavyweight acting to that news.

It appears that Adrien Brody has joined the cast that already included Danny Trejo (it IS a Robert Rodriguez film after all), and along with Brody, news has come out that the cast will feature Alice Braga, UFC fighter Oleg Taktarov, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, and Louiz Ozawa.

Those who have seen the LR script review should figure out who each of these actors will be playing, but for those who are new to this project, here is how /Film breaks down the characters:

The main character in the film is a man named Royce, whom LR compare to Steve McQueen in terms of his steely demeanor and tough guy heroics. Royce is abducted by the Predators—they apparently admire a human kill he committed—and is later dropped via parachute onto their jungle planet. There he encounters seven other humans, and not unlike Rodriguez’s From Dusk Til Dawn, it’s a colorful group of derelicts: there’s a Mexican uzi-packing drug cartel enforcer (likely Trejo’s role, ha.); a “Russian bear” with a rotary machine gun; a female sniper who speaks fluent French; a gangster-esque felon who wields a makeshift knife; a black death squad member from Africa; a yakuza named Hanzo; and an unassuming, smallish-type guy who is on the FBI’s most wanted list.

This sounds beyond interesting. However, the most interesting part comes in the form of who will be hunting this group of people.

Latino Review says:

The Predator planet is a game perserve and our eight humans are the game and are hunted by alien Predator dogs, Predator falcons, and the most cool, the Predator that is orchestistrating everything…is a super Predator, think of a normal Predator jacked up on steroids! In the script he is referred to as Black Super Predator.

Badass. Badass. Badass. Badass.

Honestly, all of this news is music to my ears. I love this cast, love how the screenplay sounds, and the crew behind this have me really excited, albeit a little nervous, because I'm not the biggest fan of Anatal who is helming the project. Vacancy was garbage, and that doesn't really make me amped for him to helm this thing. However, with everything else falling into place, look out for Predators when it hits in summer 2010.

Go see something good!

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