Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NEWS: The Crow Reboot Still Slitting It's Wrists...

So, for right about a year, that Stephen Norrington, who did the greatest film of all time, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (can you taste the sarcasm, because it's flowing out of me like blood out of the tear ducts of Hawthorne Heights fan) had his grubby hands on the remake/reboot of the cult-emo-goth-classic, The Crow (a film I actually like a bit). Now, while I do like that film quite a bit, and I like it's director Alex Proyas even more, there is little to no interest from me or really anyone I have talked to about this project, in regards to this said project.

Well, that lack of interest is falling on deaf ears. Reports have it that not only has Norrington sent in the newly printed script to Relativity Media, but it has also been allegedly "well received". Here's the news straight from /Film:

The source also says that the movie, yet another adaptation of James O’Barr comic book character, is moving forward to the casting stage. What a relief says an unidentified, easily persuaded Crow loyalist. If anything, the tidbit places the project back on our radar, and makes me ponder who should land the role of the undead, murdered rock musician (discussed below). Norrington has avoided the scorn of the franchise’s followers, some of whom rival Juggalos in 24/7 Halloween silliness, by declaring his script a revamp and not a remake; i.e. The Crow won’t be “Eric Draven,” the one associated with Brandon Lee, the late actor who died on the set in Wilmington, North Carolina from a shootout scene gone awry.

So, now that they are moving into the casting stages, and the news is pretty much just straight forward, and also rather depressing, I would like to hear from you all. Who should play the titular character? It was played by Brandon Lee before his horrible and sad passing while on set. Who would you cast?

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