Monday, October 26, 2009

NEWS: Matt Damon and Josh Brolin In Talks For True Grit...

Talk about one remake that I am ACTUALLY interested in.

For a while now, the brilliant duo known to us normal mortals as The Coen Brothers, have talked about a remake of the Henry Hathaway-directed, John Wayne-starring 1969 Western, "True Grit." Actually, they have discussed the possibilityn of this film for about two years now, and only recently with the allegedly casting of Jeff Bridges as the lead, which was the role Wayne performed, has this project truly made any headway. However, that has changed drastically after this afternoon.

It appears that Matt Damon and Josh Brolin, the latter was the star of No Country For Old Men, the Coen's classic from two years ago, are now in talks to take up two of the other primary performances.

Oh, and it's going to get started rather quickly, as Paramount is going to fast track this thing, putting it into production in March, hoping for a later 2010 release (Oscar anyone?). Here is how The Playlist breaks down the story:

And it's happening sooner than you think. Paramount is putting the project into production next March for late 2010 release. The film is basically your average Western revenge tale about a young girl whose father is double crossed and killed by a helping-hand/outlaw. She hires a drunken U.S. Marshal (Wayne/now Bridges), later joined by a Texas Ranger, to seek revenge.

Damon is in talks to play the lawman/Texas Ranger (Glen Campbell in the original) who teams with the drunken U.S. Marshal (Bridges) and a 14-year old girl to track her father’s killer into hostile Indian territory. Brolin is in discussions to play the killer. The young girl has yet to be cast, just don't make it one of the Fanning sisters, please.

I've never seen the original, but after seeing and loving No Country For Old Men, I have total faith in the idea of Coen directed Western. While that film isn't directly a Western, there are many Western elements, and the story seems to be one that the duo could hit out of the park, as they do with pretty much every film they decide to make. Hell, these two could film a midget reading the phonebook in spanish, and I'd watch it. Actually, that would be one hell of a David Lynch film. Tell me you wouldn't watch that thing?

The interesting aspect of this news is that Damon is involved, and is set to have a MONSTER freaking '10. He's in "Liberace", Eastwoods "Hereafter", all hoping for a release in that big year. This guy is set to have a huge year, and is really setting himself up to be the next true Hollywood style movie star. And I must say, this is one guy I will definitely support in that role.

What do YOU think?

Go see sometihng good!

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  1. Definitely looking forward to this one. Good to see the Coens working with Brolin again after their great work in No Country for Old Men. This film has real potential, and I'm sure it will deliver. It seems like the Coens are at the point in their career where anything they make is worth seeing -- but I feel like they've been at that point for a while.


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