Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow...

Eva Green first bust onto the scene in the brilliant Casino Royale, and I think we all owe a great debt to Martin Campbell for not only creating what has become one of the best Bond films to date, but also introducing us to this stunning beauty, at least in a commercial sense. Sure, first thing I ever saw her in was The Dreamers, but Royale only cemented the fact that this is not only a beauty to be on the lookout for, but a great actress as well.

Now onto her new film, Cracks. It's a film that I hadn't even heard of yesterday, and now it's one that I can't wait to see. The film is directed by Jordan Scott, who is indeed the daughter of Ridley Scott, and it's a drama that takes a look at the lives and relationships among girls at a British boarding school, where Green's character teaches. This sort of all girl story is something we don't really see in the theatres very often, so who knows. This could be a film that come it's release, could be one worth seeing. At least in the meantime, this poster is one that is definitely worth seeing.

Also, the trailer is also online. It looks intense, and exactly the type of film that is hinted at every so poeticaly in the poster. It's a period film, and the film looks absolutely stunning visually, and you know, Green isn't to bad on the eyes either. The slow-motion is used great here, and the film stars Imogen Poots, from 28 Weeks Later, so expect a fantastic group of actresses to dig their teeth into this heavy material. Enjoy!

Set at an all-girls boarding school in 1934, Cracks sees the one-time Bond girl playing Miss G, an enigmatic-yet-alluring teacher who inspires fanatical loyalty within the small clique of girls in her diving team. However, when the arrival of a Spanish girl (MarĂ­a Valverde) as a new boarder throws their cosy world into flux, all manner of nastiness ensues and a new side of Miss G emerges."


Go see something good!

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