Monday, October 26, 2009

UPDATE: Polanski Victim Files to Dismiss Charges...

Talk about a weird case of irony.

Alright, so today brings wind that Samantha Geimer, the victim in Roman Polanski's statutory rape case from 1977, has not only already stated publicly that she wishes that the courts dismiss the case involving her and the aforementioned film maker. However, now her personal problems are becoming even greater, and she has officially filed documents, via her lawyer, asking the California appeals court to throw out the case.

Here's the scoop from The Playlist:

Evidently she's also been harassed by the media and it's causing her all kinds of mental suffering. Geimer lives in Hawaii and the six-page filing actually says she's being "stalked" by journalists there.

"The pursuit has caused her to have health-related issues," the document said. "The pursuit has caused her performance at her job to be interfered with and has caused the understandable displeasure of her employer and the real possibility that Samantha could lose her job."

The file which urges a Superior Court judge to rule on a previous motion to dismiss the case ends with, "Leave her alone."

There isn't much commentary to make out of this, but as more and new details arise, come back here for more information!

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