Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MEMORABLE CINEMA: Nightcrawler Fight Scene From X2...

Sure, this is basically the Scenes We Love feature from Cinematical, but really, this week has been beyond slow for film news, so cut me some slack.

I think this may be some sort of weekly feature or something at least that I will do or have a writer of mine (yes, I'm looking for writers, deets coming) do every so often.

Ever so often, a film, or a particular scene from a film will come out of the theatre with an audience, and will be the thing that people are talking about. This is the place where I will attempt to shine some light on those intensely memorable scenes.

When I think of an action scene, the first particular scene that I will remember when probed is the opening from X2. Bryan Singer's true masterpiece, in my humble opinion, X2 is arguably the greatest comic book film ever made, if not at least in the top 3 (it's my personal favorite), and it's partially due to the tone that was set up by this amazing action scene. Personally, this is the be all end all of action scenes. Coherent, completely action packed, and brilliantly shot, there may not be a more perfectly staged action film that I have seen, and I hadn't felt that sense of "wow" since Jurassic Park. This is the comic book film that all other comic book films are compared to, and this is the action scene that I compare all others to, at least all other action films since X2's release.

Go see something good!

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