Tuesday, October 13, 2009

TRAILER: Toy Story 3...

I must say, this one looks a bit underwhelming.

Over the weekend, a leaked copy of the theatrical trailer for the HOTLY anticipated third film in the Toy Story franchise was placed on YouTube, and in all of it's grainy glory, flew across the interwebs. However, as most leaked things are, it was pulled, but now in much better quality, one can view this solid if a bit underwhelming trailer for themselves. Enjoy!

Toy Story 3 Trailer in HD

Trailer Park | MySpace Videos

Personally, this trailer is a mixed bag in my humble opinion. It opens brilliantly, featuring Randy Newman's "Loosing You", which as The Playlist put it, evokes the opening to this years Up!. It's such a poetic looking opening, as it spans Andy's life with the toys, leading up to him leaving for college. However, after that, the trailer just goes down hill. Featuring snot nosed kids trying to devour our heroes like lead paint covered toys, it looks as if this is the film Disney decided to get their grubby three fingered mittens on. None of the jokes hit at all, and sure, the animation looks stunning, especially the human animation which is by far Pixar's best to date, but that isn't what made these films great. It's all about the toys and their interactions with one another, which look much more childish then they have in the past.

While I'm not throwing this film under the bus, I do think that there is something here to be worried about. While I'll save this for another post, I personally feel as though Pixar is begining a downward spiral. Up isn't nearly as good as Wall-E, and is even lower in quality (still one of the 10 best films of this year, so it's not a true fall) after multiple viewings as Wall-E is only stronger, and with the recent announcements of a sequel to Cars and continual news about this new Toy Story film, I feel as though Pixar is loosing a bit of creative flow. This IS just a trailer though, so who knows, this could be Pixar's next classic, as minus Cars, that's all they have ever made.

Here's the synopsis:

Woody, Buzz, and the rest of their toy-box friends are dumped in a day-care center after their owner, Andy, departs for college.

Go see something good!

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