Monday, October 19, 2009

TRAILER: That Evening Sun...

I love when a film comes along, and punches you right in the nuts, both with the story of the film and the trailer, and the sheer surprise of having a film you have never heard of, be this amazing.

That Evening Sun is that type of film.

I haven't had much in the way of information about this film, hell, I haven't even heard of the thing 5 minutes ago. However, after watching the trailer a few times, that has definitely changed.

The film is written and directed by Scott Teems, who penned the screenplay based off of a 2002 short story called I Hate To See That Evening Sun Go Down. It stars Hal Hollbrock who, coming off of his Oscar nominated turn in Into The Wild (which yeah, is a few years old, but still a brilliant performace), as to men who are in a feud over land. Gothic style drama at it's best.

I haven't seen the film, but Russ Fischer from /Film has, and hearing him go over the moon for the film, only adds fuel to this fire. Here is his write up on it, and a little bit of Southern Gothic Drama, this will fit perfectly for that.

Here's the trailer!

Go see something good!


  1. As it did for me. Working on grabbing a second trailer, one that is still up. Should be up soon. Fantastic trailer.


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