Friday, October 30, 2009

NEWS: Sin City 2 To Shoot Second Half of 2010?

Talk about a problematic production.

When one thinks about Sin City 2, two things pop into mind. Anticipation, because
Sin City was a brilliant addition to the graphic novel based film genre (far better than Zack Snyder’s laughable machismo fest that was 300), and sadness, because for a couple of years now, one hears a new piece of information about it possibly going into production, only to find out that it is in development hell.

Recently, news has gotten worse. Robert Rodriguez, director of Sin City, may hop out of the director’s chair, as he has been busy with other projects, such as Machete, writing Spy Kids 4 (yeah, I know), and also producing the hotly anticipated Predator sequel/reboot, Predators.

However, some good news may have just made its way over the horizon.

Mania is now reporting that production on the sequel should begin sometime during the second half of 2010. While that does seem a bit unlikely, it’s not horribly doubtful, especially if Rodriguez, who loves to shoot quick and fast, is still at the helm. At least something is coming out of the Sin City camp.

The report also states that the sequel will be based on a new and original script produced by creator Frank Miller, instead of the rumored idea that the film would take from two or three other stories in the Sin City canon. Along with Sin City 2, Miller is also in the works on a film adaptation of Hard Boiled, which he will also be directing.

The only other question that still remains after all this is who will direct Sin City 2? Well, it appears that the duo of Rodriguez and Miller, who helmed the first one in a weird and symbiotic way (Miller didn’t seem to have too much directorial effect on the film, at least when looking at Miller’s solo effort, The Spirit). However, this may not be true, at least according to /Film.

But recent reports have suggested that the next priority for Rodriguez after Machete and Predators are done will actually be Spy Kids 4. Why? As Variety’s report on the Short Circuit remake recently said, franchises are a priority for Dimension right now and the studio has got a good hold on the director. The Weinsteins need cash flow and Spy Kids 4 is evidently seen as something that will generate it
Two things are taken away from this news, at least in the eyes of yours truly.

First, I’m ecstatic that this film is STILL being talked about. I love the original like a child, and it’s one of probably the 10 best films to be based on graphic novels/comic books. The look was just so fresh and visually breathtaking, that hopefully, they can do something similar in the second one, baring they also get the right cast.

This brings me to my second point. If this timetable is set in stone, I highly doubt that we will be seeing a dual director’s chair. I love Robert Rodriguez, unabashedly so, and I think I would lose all interest in this piece if we were to lose him in the director’s chair. That would leave on director left, and that would be Frank Miller. If you haven’t seen The Spirit, well don’t. The film, while having maybe a moment or two, and a fun lead performance, is easily one of the worst films from last year, and it really left a sour taste in my mouth after the Christmas dinner I had prior to my screening of it late last year. Now, I don’t doubt that Rodriguez will have some sort of role in the film’s production, and that is fine with me, however, the film loses some luster if it’s only Miller behind the camera.

That said, if I get a good Predator film and if Rodriguez is able to make Nervewrackers into an interesting film, then I guess the pain is less intense.

Go see something good!

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