Sunday, January 4, 2009

BOX OFFICE: January 2nd-4th...

Hey guys! I have decided, that since over the past couple of weeks, DVD's and new theatrical releases have been scatterbrain at best, that I am going to break up the Weekend Wrap Up post into the three segments. Sunday's will be the box office top 10, Tuesday's or late Monday nights will be set for DVD releases, and Thursdays will be set for the movies you should all know about heading into the weekend, so you can avoid what you need to. So, without further ado, here is your box office top 10...

1.Marley & Me
2.Bedtime Stories
3.The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
5.Yes Man
6.Seven Pounds
7.The Tale of Despereaux
9.The Day the Earth Stood Still
10.Slumdog Millionaire

Marley and Me is at number 1, for the SECOND week in a row, which is now tradition for the holiday season. What have you guys seen lately? I haven't been posting much over the past four days, as not to much has been noteworthy, but hopefully this week will be different!

Oh, also, on a personal note, I have an interview at my school's newspaper on either Wednesday or Friday, so I'll keep you all informed on that.

What have you all been watching lately???

Come back for more news and notes...

Go see something good!!

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