Friday, January 16, 2009

NEWS: Wolverine Reshoots Are A Go...

It looks like all may not be good in Fox land. Wolverine really hasn't had the best production process, and it looks like it may have hit a head today. It looks like Fox Studios will be having Wolverine director, Gavin Hood, best known for helming the award winning foreign film, Tsotsi, go through "extensive" reshoots.

Sources have informed us that Fox is conducting extensive re-shoots for "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", some or all of those re-shoots in Vancouver. And by "extensive" we're not talking about a few days of pick-ups. More curious was the studio considered bringing in a few journalists to cover these re-shoots. Now usually re-shoots such as this are done quietly. Studios don't want you to know they done fucked up and can't get their shit together in the editing room.

As for the production, everyone (and by "everyone", I mean the world of online film journalists) knows that Gavin Hood was not getting to make the movie he wanted while on set. There have been reports of Fox basically going around Hood and micro-managing like they always do. Example: some sets were re-painted because it's what the execs wanted, not what Hood wanted.

I really have mixed feelings about this information. On one hand, I'm weirdly excited. I loved Tsotsi, and I think that X-Men fans may still be feeling the effects from X3, and NOT having a talented person behind the camera. X1 and 2 are two of the best superhero/comic book films ever, and it's mainly due to the skill of then director Bryan Singer. Brett Ratner got behind X3, and hacked it up like a hack does.

However, I still feel really sad. Check out the list of major 20th Century Fox releases from '08...

27 Dresses

Meet the Spartans


Nim's Island

What Happens in Vegas


The Happening

Meet Dave

Space Chimps

The X-File: I Want to Believe

Babylon A.D.

City of Ember

Max Payne


The Day the Earth Stood Still

Marley & Me

Honestly, I don't trust this studio with ANYTHING right now. That's the main reason I'm stoked about the Watchmen settlement. Had Fox gotten their wish, and canned the film, I would have burnt the bitches down. Hearing Richard Donner was on set for some of the time also adds a little fuel to my ever saddening flame. My poor, emo-fied, adimantium flame...

What do you all think? Do you like that they are reshooting stuff?

Go see something good!


  1. It really burns me that they would go behind a directors back and reshoot. That's not fair to anyone. Also great though that they picked a good director to reshoot. Ska-mazing! Fox did put out about 70% shitty films last year... is my main man Hugh Jackman going to be in the Wolverine movie or did they recast?

  2. You're right, Tsotsi is a great film and it would be nice to see a Wolverine film made by the same director. But Gavin Hood is very clearly just a talented puppet for Fox in this situation, which is a really sad thing. I'm a huge X-Men fan - been buying X-Men comics every month since the first movie came out - but with all the trouble surrounding it, I just can't find it in myself to get excited for this movie.


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