Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MUSIC: Summer Slumber Party...

Hello all. Now, I don't normally talk about websites per se, but I just got a chance to talk to the guys behind Summer Slumber Party, and they are really two of the coolest guys I've had a chance to talk to, so I thought I would give them some pub over here.

Summer Slumber Party is a website dedicated to getting the names of indie artists out into the public. Lots of music, films, and other forms of art and media get thrown at each of us everyday, and this site is meant to be a sort of filter that sifts through everything, and gives us the goods. It's from Dan Gibson and Terry Rayment, and it's kind of like, or even, but just on a smaller scale, and more varied.

Check out the website HERE

I'll get back to movie news later today. I have an article or two to write, so give me a little bit of time...

Go see something good!

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