Friday, January 9, 2009

UPDATE: Tentative Review Schedule...

My local cinema has just updated their upcoming release schedule, so, while this may be really pretentious, here are the films you can expect me to give my thoughts on, so that not only you can know what to expect, but I also really hope that some of you also get out to see these films, so instead of me just reviewing them, we can get into a good solid discussion about these films...

Week of:
1/12-1/18: Gran Torino, My Bloody Valentine 3D
1/19-1/25: Revolutionary Road, The Wrestler,
1/26-2/1: Taken, Underworld 3
2/2-2/8: Coraline, He's Just Not That Into You
2/9-2/15: Friday The 13th, The International
2/16-2/22: Youth In Revolt, Whatever is at the 3.50$ theatre...

And from there on it's really just catching up on past film's I had missed, like Notorious (which I am quite interested in), as there is NOTHING worth seeing until March 13th, with The Soloist...I would say Watchmen, but we won't know when we will get to see that, so we all just have to hold our breath until Jan. 20th...

Just so you all know...

Go see something good!

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