Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FORUM: Big Oscar Snubs...

Now a week after the nominees for the years big set of awards were announced, the blogosphere is getting hyphy over a few, big time snubs (honestly though, it's the Academy, so what's new). However, I have my own problems with the nominations, and would love to get into those here.

1) Chris Nolan and Darren Aronofsky NOT getting Best Director nods.

Both on the opposite ends of the visual spectrum, both excell given the material, and not only that, but up the material into what can be considered two of the best films of '08. Aronofsky takes his MTV style editing from Pi and Requiem, and his visual flare from The Fountain, and tosses those to the side for a very cinema verite style, you are there feel, for the Wrestler, a dark and personal tale of a man addicted.

Chris Nolan however, takes the comic book genre to a whole 'nother level. The scope is epic, the tale is dark, and the performances, particularly in the supporting cast are award worthy, all thanks to this auetur and his skill. Sure, the film may have some flaws, but in no way are they connected to his direction. It's simply brilliant

2) Wall-E NOT getting a Best Picture Nod...

Alright, while I don't agree with the idea of Wall-E getting a best picture nomination, it's for the reason why I put it on here. Since the creation of the ghetto category known as Best Animated Feature, NO animated films have been nominated for Best Picture. The only one to ever do that before hand was Beauty and The Beast, so there has been some time. There is no excuse why the highest critically rated film of the year, by Rottentomatoes, is not up for Best Picture.

3) The Boss NOT getting a Best Original Song nomination...

Really now, I'm not going to get into this, because I may blow up a building, but see the Wrestler, and then tell me that song isn't the most powerful piece of music in the world.

4) The Dark Knight score NOT getting a Best Original Score nomination...

This really reminds me of last year's ridiculous discualifcation of There Will Be Bloods minimilast, almost Kubrickian score done by Johnny Greenwood, and it has me just as angry. Why So Serious may be the single best track from any score this year, and the way the film worked along side the razor blade score is completely award worthy

5) Wanted having the same amount of nominations as The Wrestler...

Thanks Academy!

What do YOU feel are some big snubs?

Go see something good!

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