Friday, January 16, 2009

MUSIC: Why I Love America's Best Dance Crew...

In my daze of homework late last night, I decided to check out season three of America's Best Dance Crew. It's a guilty pleasure of mine, not only for the great dancers (Quest Crew anyone?), but also for the amazing song selections from the groups. Well, last night was no different when I happened to hear a group named The Boxcuttuhs decide that they were going to dance to Bonafide Lovin' from one of the many awesome dance/hip hop groups out there, Chromeo. They are kind of like Hall and Oates, if Hall and Oates were and Arab/Jewis duo with an affinity for skinny jeans and vocoders. It's an awesome song, and remix of it, two actually, are available for download here at Check out the music video below...

Go see something good!

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