Saturday, January 17, 2009

TRAILER: 500 Days Of Summer...

I hadn't really heard much about this small little film, outside of the cast. It stars indie darlings (and two of my favorite actors working today), Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, in what sounds like a really fun film.

“This post modern love story is never what we expect it to be — it’s thorny yet exhilarating, funny and sad, a twisted journey of highs and lows that doesn’t quite go where we think it will. When Tom, a hapless greeting card copywriter and hopeless romantic, is blindsided after his girlfriend Summer dumps him, he shifts back and forth through various periods of their 500 days “together” to try to figure out where things went wrong. His reflections ultimately lead him to finally rediscover his true passions in life.”

Early reviews, particularly one from FirstShowing, have been more than positive. Not only have people said that this may be one of the best films of '09, but it's a Fox Searchlight film, and ANYTHING that that studio touches, turns to an independent shade of gold. From Juno to Slumdog, there may not be a more critically beloved studio (besides Pixar) working. While I'm not over the moon about those two films, especially Juno, this film looks like it is right in my wheelhouse...

What do you all think? If this is a film that has caught your eye, two more clips are available at this link (Thanks /FILM!!).

Come back later for more news and notes...

Go see something good!

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