Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FIRST LOOK: Ryan Reynolds In Buried...

When there is a film that comes down the pike that has the balls comparable to that of say, Jason Statham in Crank, I like to give it as much word of mouth on this site as possible. No film may have bigger dice than Buried.

Buried is a very interesting indie, starring Ryan Reynolds, and now Twitch has brought us the very first pair of photos from the set of the film. The film follows Reynolds who plays Paul, a civilian contractor working in Iraq who wakes up in a coffin. With him is a cell phone and a lighter, and the script is a series of conversations and entreaties as Paul tries to reach someone who can help him out of a very terrible situation. It's basically a one man show. No, it IS a one man show. Reynolds will be the ONLY actor to be seen on screen in this film, based on a script by Chris Sparling, directed by Rodrigo Cortes.

The first photo can bee seen above, while the other one can be seen HERE, and with these two photos, we not only see the intensity that the film looks to have, but also just how hard Reynolds is going to have to push physically, or at least his character will, to attempt to escape.

Not only is this a ballsy film in premise, but I give Reynolds insane respect for having enough guts to put himself out there as open as an actor can be. Here's to hoping (and I know he can) he can pull this off. He's a phenomenal actor, so I have not only the utmost faith in this project, but in him to make this work.

What do YOU think?

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