Monday, August 17, 2009

NEWS: Lionsgate to Get Ass Kicked...

This isn't a huge story in terms of detail, but it IS huge in terms of anticipation.

Out of this past Comic-Con, two things were on the tips of everyone's tounges. First, Avatar is as gorgeous as we all expected, and second, Kick-Ass is going to be brilliant.

Well, another thing that everyone knew was that not only was the film hard to market, but it still had yet to find a distributor. Universal, Paramount and Lionsgate went to war for the rights, and it appears that Lionsgate has come out of the battle alive. Variety is reporting that Kick-Ass will be released under the Lionsgate banner.

This is beyond good news. Not only will we actually see the film, but while the marketing may be a bit lackluster (Lionsgate has never been a champion of good marketing campaigns, just look at their Saw series, minus the blood drives), but what they have done well is allowing creative freedom, and for a film that looks to be THIS taboo pushing and boundary breaking, director Matthew Vaughn could use as much help as he can get.

What do YOU think?

Go see something good!

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