Thursday, August 13, 2009

TRAILER: Kick Ass Comic Con Bootleg Trailer...

This is the most amazing piece of film to ever be shown in the world. Alright, maybe not THAT good, but it sure is phenomenal. Sure, it's a really bad bootleg copy, but you get the drift of what it is. This is the first trailer, actually it's simply a Comic-Con promotional trailer, for the upcoming Matthew Vaughn directed adaptation of the hit Mark Millar graphic novel, Kick-Ass. Just watch and enjoy the bloody rampage that is this trailer.

This film got monster buzz out of the con, and for just cause. Vaughn, who's directorial debut, Layer Cake, is a fantastic film and one hell of a great crime/action film, looks to be in tip top shape here as this looks to be a brilliant piece of action cinema, ESPECIALLY with that final action shot, which reminded me quite a bit of the major action set piece near the end of Wanted, just actually good. The cast looks great, EVEN Nick Cage, and really, that final line, sold me. This is easily my most anticipated film of next year, and as /Film put it, could be a true cult classic, as distribution for this film is still up in the air (with Universal, Paramount, and Lionsgate fighting in a bloody battle royale for the rights).

What do YOU think?

Go see something good!

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