Wednesday, August 19, 2009

POSTER: Saw 6...

Is it weird that I am somewhat excited about this installment of the Saw franchise? I'll get into why in a moment. First, check out this AMAZING new poster for the sixth film in the highest grossing horror franchise of all time.

Now, why would such a sequel/gorno hater like yours truly be interested in the sixth installment of this horrible (minus the first two films) franchise? Well, for a few reasons. First, the buzz coming out of Comic-Con, where a scene or two were shown, was above positive. Not much bad buzz came out of the Con for this film, and at such a geek explosion that is the Con, that's always good./

Second, and arguably most interesting, is this is the first film from director Kevin Greutert, who happened to be the editor of each of the past five Saw films. If there is ONE thing that makes the Saw series respectable, it is just that, the editing. It's always done in an interesting and well done manner, so having the editor take over the helm as the director is somewhat compelling.

Also, the first trailer, while HORRIBLE, seems to show some sort of merry-go-round style trap, that could call for some rather interesting set pieces. All in all, I don't think this film will be good, AT ALL, actually quite the contrary. I honestly think that this film will probably be the worst of the franchise. But if I'm going to be honest, I must say, I'm kind of interested. For a horror film, this series has it's place, and I can't get angry, as after the first weekend, they pretty much fall of the planet. I hate the franchise as a whole and as a collective, but for what they are, they have a market, and I can't get mad at that. I WILL however get mad at torture porn, but that's another story, one I have written on many, many times.

What do YOU think about the film?

Go see something good!

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