Monday, August 24, 2009

NEWS: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Will Direct Bioshock...

So it appears as though the hotly anticipated video game to film adaptation of the massively popular game, Bioshock, is actually set to happen. Just with a different director behind the camera.

Here's the deal. A few months ago, after getting the green light from Universal, production of Gore Verbinski's Bioshock adaptation was shelved due to a massively growing budget, and Gore proceeded to leave the project, at least as a director. Universal then went on to attempt to work out different ways, via the script, different areas to film, and other things of that ilk. However, nothing really came out of that, and the film has seemed to be DOA since about late April. That has DEFINITELY changed.

Here's what /Film has to say:

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, best known to American film goers as the writer/director of 28 Weeks Later [will direct]. Verbinski will remain involved in the project, but only as producer. I know a lot of people weren’t too excited about Verbinski’s involvement with the property, but I thought he would be one of the filmmakers who would be able to get the production design and tone right. I was actually one of the few people who didn’t like Fresnadillo’s 28 Days Later sequel, although I did enjoy some of the cinematography and terrifying action.

This is a very very interesting idea. Sure, I would have love to have seen a more seasoned director take up this very deep and very big project. Since day one of the games release, studios have been eyeing this project to move into the cinema, but the road has been bumpy. I personally would have liked someone like Verbinski as the director, as not only has he proven himself with the Pirates series (at least in the size and spectacle that this project will have to have and be), but is also a well renowned film maker.

Fresnadillo DOES have a lot of talent. I love 28 Weeks Later, and while it's not as good as it's previous iteration, it is one hell of a fantastic modern horror film. Sure, the message is very on the nose, and it's not the most subtle of Iraq War metaphors seen in cinemas recently, but it works as a whole. Also, his skill in creating horror is something that is a must have with a project like Bioshock, that maybe even more so than story, is renowned for it's mood and tone.

Here's the films synopsis:

Praised for its morality-based storyline, immersive environment and Ayn Rand-inspired dystopian setting, the game has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, and ranks as the thirteenth best video game on Game Rankings. Set in an alternative history 1960, BioShock follows the story of a plane crash survivor named Jack, who must explore the underwater Objectivist-dystopian city of Rapture, and survive attacks by the mutated beings and mechanical drones that populate it. Jack is drawn into a power struggle during which he discovers that his will is not as free as he’d thought.

What do you all think about this huge change?

Go see something good!

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