Thursday, August 27, 2009

PHOTO: Is Pixar Making A Film About A Boy and His Dino?

So, as the genius sleuths they are, /Film has yet uncovered a special little piece of news via Upcoming Pixar. Here's the scoop:

Could Pixar be working on a film about a boy and his dinosaur? If you take a look behind Pixar sculptor Greg Dykstra, you will notice concept drawings and photos on his office wall showing a dinosaur and a boy. Could this be a design for an upcoming Pixar feature or short film?

Upcoming Pixar
reader Bryko614, who noticed the concept art above while watching B-Roll footage from the making of Pete Docter’s Up, took that question to Pixar story supervisor Ronnie del Carmen. del Carmen responded on Twitter by saying that he does know what they are from “But not telling. Nothing to do with anything Toy Story, tell you that.”

So what could the above screen shot hint at? Sculpting comes near the end of the animation process, so it's something that isn't to far off the dock. People have speculated that it could simply be character designs for Russell and his bird Kevin, but these sculptures were not in the Art of Up book, and as /Film also points out, they are far to off from the final versions, to make it seem likely. Newt isn't likely, as it's simply a film about the two remaining newts on the planet, and nothing in Toy Story 3 could be big enough to feature a live dinosaur and his boy owner. My guess is that it's just an upcoming short, but hopefully there is an interesting little film behind this photo. What do YOU think?

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