Monday, August 24, 2009

TRAILER: Christopher Nolan's Inception Teaser...

Boy oh boy, did this trailer EVER spark a bit of controversy on Friday. Here's the deal:

On Friday, we not only saw the release of Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds, but it was also Avatar Day. HOWEVER, the most interesting thing, at least that I hadn't seen, was the first teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan's upcoming film (I would say what type, but no one knows a thing about this project), Inception.

Now where does the controversy come from one may ask? Well, this was shown before Basterds on Friday, and was met with a mixed reaction. There were people, like me, FREAKING OUT about the trailer, and how not only it's the new Chris Nolan film, but there are PEOPLE FIGHTING ON WALLS, with one of those people being Joseph Gordon-Levitt. There were also the indecisive people, the ones who must have been dragged by a significant other. Then there are the people who genuinely dislike this trailer. While I'm not one of them, I don understand how that could be. It doesn't give you much in the way of plot, but then again, neither does anything released about the film so far. There was a mixed bag of boos and cheers, and it's quite shocking.

Make up your mind for yourself:

Here's all we know for sure about the film.

Inception features Leonardo DiCaprio as Jacob, a CEO-type, Marion Cotillard (La Vie en rose, Public Enemies) as his wife, Ellen Page (Juno) as a young college grad student named Ariadne, who is also DiCaprio’s sidekick, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Arthur, an associate working for DiCaprio. Ken Watanabe will play the film’s villain, a man named Saito, who is blackmailing Leonardo DiCaprio’s character. Tom Hardy (Bronson) plays Eames, a member of DiCaprio’s team. Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins, Sunshine) plays Fischer and Michael Caine is also involved.

Wally Pfister is returning as Nolan's cinematographer, which should come as no surprise based on the look of this trailer. Hans Zimmer is also returning, and this is one of my most anticipated films, I think ever. Imagine Chris Nolan, one of the most inventive guys in Hollywood, who just finished up a MASTERPIECE of action/thriller/comic book/hero cinema, not being restricted by some DC Universe or continuity. THIS is why I think if Nolan were to leave the Batman franchise, the world would be better for it, because we would get films like this, where as /film put it, Nolan is looking like he is going to map the human brain into a cityscape. Epic? Just a little f***ing bit.

What do YOU think?

Go see something good!

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