Friday, August 28, 2009

TRAILER: The Descent: Part 2...

So, one of my favorite horror films of this new decade, is the Neil Marshall directed The Descent. It's both terrifying and a brilliant slow burn. It's easily the most claustrophobic film of the past 10 years, and as far as thrillers go, it's only rivaled by The Orphanage as this decades indie masterpiece.

However, when the trades first announced that a sequel was in the works, I was less than enthused. The finale of The Descent is such an amazing and ballsy ending, that I really hoped that they would let it lay as a singular horror/thriller/monster movie classic. Neil Marshall is not involved in any real way, which made me even more antagonized. Now we have the first theatrical trailer.

And I must say, it's not to bad. Sure, it looks basically like the original, just less stylized. It's like when a rock group comes out with a cover of a rap song. As a concept, it's uncalled for and people behind it should be prepared to burn in hell. But it's also easily ignorable. That's basically what this trailer is. Nothing special, but nothing awful. Just bland studio horror. Enjoy!

Distraught, confused, and half-wild with fear, Sarah Carter emerges alone from the cave system where she encountered unspeakable terrors. Unable to explain to authorities what happened - or why she's covered in blood - Sarah is forced back to the subterranean depths to help locate her missing friends.

The Descent 2 is directed by Jon Harris, who is making his directorial debut after working for over 10 years as an editor. The screenplay was co-written by newcomer James McCarthy and James Watkins, who also wrote and directed Eden Lake. The Descent 2 doesn't have a US distributor yet, although we might as well expect that Lionsgate, who distributed the original Descent, will release this sometime in 2009 or 2010.

Go see something good!

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