Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NEWS: Brian Epstein Biopic In Works...

For many of you, that headline may be caught with bouts of "huh?" and "who?".

Epstein, best known as being tagged as "The Fifth Beatle" by Paul McCartney, famously discovered the aforementioned Beatles, and eventually got them signed to Parolphone. He also signed their likeness and merchandising rights in crappy deals that eventually lost the band millions of dollars. His death in 1967 of a drug overdose also played into the band's 1969 break up.

Well, it appears as though a film based on his life is set to get put into motion. Variety is reporting that Youth In Revolt producer David Permut has acquired a script entitled "A Life In The Day", penned by Tony Gittelson.

So while this as a project sounds bland and uninteresting, The Playlist points out a very interesting point as to what is going on currently in the media with the recent Beatlepalooza:

This is just one facet of the re-emerging Beatlemania in the entertainment industry. It has all kicked off with the impending release of The Beatles: Rock Band, out September 9th. Apparently everyone is expecting this to kick off to spark major public re-interest in the Beatles as it has also prompted their former label, EMI, to finally release digitally remastered mono and stereo box sets of 11 Beatles albums which are sold out at retailers, including Amazon, well in advance of their September 9 release date (it's all about the 9.9.9 campaign, a veritable blanket Beatles marketing d-day campaign).

The movie industry is having its own Beatlemania renaissance, with Robert Zemeckis and Disney trying to get the rights to create a 3D version of the infamously terrible "Yellow Submarine" movie and the Weinstein Company releasing John Lennon biopic "Nowhere Boy," which will debut in London this fall.

So nothing much about this project has been released, but it does not sound very interesting. Sure, his life may have been quite problematic, but as with most biopics, there really isn't anything to deep to mine here. At least in my humble opinion. What about YOU?

Go see something good!

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