Monday, November 3, 2008

NEWS: Reason Why Terrance Howard is Out of Iron Man...

Hey guys! Now, throughout the day, I check out various websites to see what is going on in the world of news, and report my findings to you all, so you may know what the hell is going down within the world of film. So, one of my first reads is a great website called The Movie Blog, and an interesting article was talked about today. It appears that Entertainment Weekly has discovered some new and damning information as to why Terrance Howard has been replaced in Iron Man 2, 3, and The Avengers by the great actor Don Cheadle. The Movie Blog was nice enough to sum the article up into the two main points...

1 - He was the highest paid actor on the movie
Yes, according to Entertainment Weekly, Terrance Howard was signed for MORE than Robert Downey Jr and everyone else on the movie. This isn’t too surprising because the studio wasn’t sure how the public would react to Downy at the time and Howard was, quite frankly, the bigger name. Still… a minor character getting more than the leads?

#2 - Howard was difficult on set and bad in the film
It’s being reported now that the studio, and director Jon Favreau himself did not like the performance Terrance Howard gave nor liked working with him that much. According to the story, Favreau spent a lot of time cutting and re-editing Howard’s scenes to make them work. It was so bad, that even though the original plan was to have a BIGGER role for Howard in the second film, Favreau had been working to make Howard’s role SMALLER. This was the final straw that made the studio pull the trigger and make the change change. If the director isn’t happy with the actor and he’s making him a smaller part but still be the highest paid??? You’d make the change too.

So, he was a supporting actor getting the leading amount in pay, and he was a bastard on set. So what does the studio do? Replace's Howard's overpaid ass with one of the best actors working in Hollywood today. This is why Marvel is doing EVERYTHING, well, minus the next Punisher film, right...

What are your thoughts?

Go see something good!

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