Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hey guys! This has been a pretty busy week, which is good, because the upcoming week is going to move a little slow. Here is the box office top 10...

1.Quantum Of Solace
2.Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
3.Role Models
4.High School Musical 3: Senior Year
6.Zack and Miri Make a Porno
7.Soul Men
8.The Secret Life of Bees
9.Saw V
10.The Haunting of Molly Hartley

It looks like QoS will indeed be the largest grossing Bond film to date, with a gross of $70.4 Million for the weekend, surpassing the then number one, Die Another Day. Madagascar 2 has hit over the $100 Million mark with a weekend gross of $38 Million, and Role Models gained a modest $11.7 Million...

This is actually a really huge week for DVD releases, so here are the notable ones you should, or shouldn't pick up, in a new style of sorting that I will be trying, Buy, Borrow, Or Burn...Oh, and starting on Tuesday, I will be making this a separate post, with more in depth thoughts on the films, and the types of versions, and prices at the four major shopping centers; Circuit City, Best Buy, Target, FYE...

This is the newest film from Pixar, and it's probably their best film. It features one of the most enduring characters in film, and is one of the best love stories you will get a chance to see this year. It's gorgeous, and for a child's film to have such neo-Kubrickian view of the future and still be so sweet a just full of heart is truly amazing. I can't say enough about this film, and it is currently my 7th favorite film so far this year.

Funniest film of this year. I'm not going to say anything more than that, as you all really need to get out and see it. I mean, come on, Robert Downey Jr. in black face?!?! BRILLIANT...

This is the newest film from German director Werner Herzog who is probably the best, or at least the most interesting documentary filmmaker working today. It's a film in which Herzog traveled to Antarctica to capture it's natural beauty that normally isn't put to film. This is worth a rent for any fan of nature, or for anyone who has a Blu-Ray player and an HD TV...
The newest documentary about the life and work of the father of Gonzo Journalism himself, Hunter S. Thompson. Narrated by Johnny Depp, this is one film that will definitely be in my queue come this Tuesday.


So, this week sees a lot of worthy DVD releases, but two films are released theatrically, that I could not care less about. First is Twilight, the new film based on the massive tween hit novel. Vampire falls in love with a mortal, wow, truly innovative storyline (could a person say something with more sarcasm). Then we have Bolt, the newest animated film from the lesser studio over in happy world, Disney, and starring John Travolta and Miley Cyrus. I'm steering clear of this one like the plague.

Instead of giving you guys a review about two films that I really don't care about, and spending my own money on the said films, I will hopefully be bringing you a review of either Gonzo, or Encounters, and my thoughts on the controversial film from Bill Maher, Religulous. Wow, that could get interesting...

Go see something good!

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