Sunday, November 16, 2008

TRAILER: Revolutionary Road...

Hey guys! This week has been chock full of big budget trailers riding in on the wave of the new Bond film, Quantum of Solace, which many, if not all, have been attached. Well, there has been one released that sort of breaks the mold, and it looks just as good, to me at least. Check out the new trailer for the much buzzed about film, Revolutionary Road...

This is a far superior trailer than the previously released one. I like the split screen, and the song works really well in the trailer. I like how a few of these new trailers simply have the score playing over the footage, instead of having the song playing softly while the characters talk, like the most recent Australia trailer. It gives an interesting feel to the trailer. Also, it's the new film from American Beauty director Sam Mendes, and is the first me since Titanic that we have seen Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio together, and with how much both have grown as actors, this should be a really great film. What are your thoughts?

Go see something good!

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