Monday, November 17, 2008

TOP 10: Documentary Films...

So, over the weekend, I got the chance to check out Religulous, and boy was it brilliant. I haven't seen a ton of DVD's, probably not enough to really justify doing this top 10, but it has inspired me to get out and check some more out. Documentary films are often times overlooked by many people, especially in my attention deficit age bracket, but here are ten Docs, that you really need to check out...

10. Bowling For Columbine
9. Religulous
8. No End In Sight
7. Don't Look Back
6. Times of Harvey Milk
5. Harlan County USA
4. Hearts of Darkness
3. Gates of Heaven
2. Hoop Dreams
1. When We Were Kings

What is YOUR favorite documentary film?

Come back later for a special top 10, the Top 10 Biggest Turkeys of the Year...It IS Thanksgiving time after all...

Go see something good!


  1. My favorite is Roger & Me, which I believe was Michael's Moore's first documentary. Very moving, and I haven't been able to listen to the Beach Boys the same way ever since.

  2. Just watched Roger & Me in doc class, which was brilliant.

    Gates of Heaven is also really good; glad you got to see that.

    Recently I have been watching films from the Maysles Brothers (Albert & David).

    They directed Gimme Shelter (Rolling Stones at Freemont especially), The Salesman, and The Grey Gardens.

    They're great at direct cinema, or what we would now consider cinema verite.

    I'll be watching more of their films soon.

    And at the risk of boring you with the length of this comment, War Room is also a great documentary that goes behind-the-scenes of Clinton's campaign for the presidency against Bush Sr.

    Watch something good. :)


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