Tuesday, September 23, 2008

REVIEW: Sex Drive...

WARNING: THIS REVIEW TALKS A LITTLE BIT ABOUT PLOT, SO IF YOU REALLY DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANYTHING ABOUT THIS FILM BEFORE IT COMES OUT...DO NOT CONTINUE...I will be trying to keep this as basic as possible, but I'm just going to give you a heads up now...

I really do love college. Friends, no real rules outside of the written law, rent, free cable, all great things. Also, one thing that really works for me, the free advanced screenings local companies and our paper have. Great stuff. However, this week was a tough choice. Two possibilities for yours truly. First, Eagle Eye, the new film coming out this weekend starring Shia LeCarCrash, um, LeBouf(just messing around, I really think the kid is a great actor). Second, Sex Drive, a teen comedy. Now, I figured I can check out EE this weekend, which I will, so I chose the October release, Sex Drive. Right choice?

Sex Drive is a new film in the vein of American Pie, Superbad, and all of the like. It's a teen comedy about a guy, 18 year old virgin Ian Laferty, who has recently been sparking up a conversation with a girl online, by the handle of Ms. Tasty. As the days go by, the conversations get hotter, and hotter, and ultimately, after taking advice about how to be "an ass" from his best friend, Lance, he gets an offer he can't refuse. However, to get to his sexual Nirvana, he must drive to Knoxville, Tennessee, and meet her at a local Big Boy parking lot. So, to the dismay of his brother, Rex, he and Lance, along with Ian's longtime friend, Tiffany, they steal Rex's car, The Judge, and set on the road. The group encounter hillbillies, hitchhikers, and a sarcastic Amish guy, Ezekiel along the way, with the ultimate goal of Ian losing his virginity.

First, let me get this off my chest. I hate teen comedies. I personally think the teen or high school comedy died with the '80's. That said, this film wasn't all that bad. The biggest thing going for this film is the continually underrated James Mardsen. This man is one of the best at what he does, and that is comedy. He was the best part of 27 Dresses, he was solid in Hairspray, and he is by far the best part of this film. Mardsen plays the macho big brother so well, and his interchanges with Ian, left me in stitches. Really macho stitches. The chemistry between the group of friends was really solid, especially between the two real leads, Ian, played by Josh Zuckerman, and Felicia, played perfectly by gorgeous Amanda Crew. They just had something that had been missing from a lot of teen comedies lately, heart. Also, as I have said before, with comedies, all you can ask for is laughs, and this film did have a few solid laughs. Nothing Tropic Thunder size, but there were a few laugh out loud moments. However, as with most comedy films today, the film was heavily flawed.

This film is nothing but cliche. From the characters to the plot, the film plays out to be really paint by numbers, especially in the character of Lance. It's Johna Hill from Superbad, if he actually could get laid. He's vulgar, chauvinistic, and sure he's funny, but it just comes off as stale. It's shot pretty poorly, with no real cinematic value either. When there are visual "flourishes", they are also basic comedy fair, even down to the slow mo car jump and cat fight. Now, I know that this is a comedy, but when other comedy's that you have to go up against are Pineapple Express, Burn After Reading, and Tropic Thunder, then you need to have something more than a guy calling his younger brother names. Those three films I've named have brought something more to the comedy genre, especially Pineapple Express. You CAN make a comedy look pretty, and they just chose not to. The film was poorly plotted, the second act dragged on, and while there where laughs, the bits ran hollow after the first few jokes. However, the film did make me laugh, and the chemistry between the main crew was really solid. It's a comedy, so I'm going to say see it, because comedies depend on taste, and I know that this will hit with many of you. It just didn't really work for me.

Sex Drive: 5/10

Had it's moments, but in a loaded summer for comedies, this one doesn't make a mark. Still, comedies depend on personal taste, so if the trailer makes you laugh, check it out.

Hopefully I didn't give anything away...Check it out when it comes to theatres October 17th...

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