Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up...

Hey guys! You know the drill, so here is the estimated box office top 10...

1.Bangkok Dangerous
2.Tropic Thunder
3.The House Bunny
4.The Dark Knight
6.Babylon A.D.
7.Death Race
8.Disaster Movie
9.Mamma Mia!
10.Pineapple Express

Bangkok Dangerous beats out Tropic Thunder...HOWEVER, it ONLY grossed 7.8 Million bucks. I don't know for sure, but that has to be the lowest recorded opening for a number 1 film this year. Why do you think it "bombed"?

Here are the notable DVD releases for this Tuesday, the 9th of September...only 3 of them...
- Baby Mama -
Comedy starring Tina Faye and Amy Poehler in which Faye's character hires Amy's to carry her child. Solid comedy from two of the worlds leading female comics. Both give great performances, but the show is really stolen by funnyman Steve Martin who plays Faye's geocentric boss. Good laughs, but heavy flawed. Worth a rental.

- Forbidden Kingdom -
Kung Fu movie starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li. What more do you need. Critics seem to like it, and the few people I have talked to who have seen it all enjoyed it. Worth a rental.

- The Fall -
Film directed by visionary director Tarsem Singh, or simply put, Tarsem, who is probably best known for the Jennifer Lopez vehicle, The Cell, or the R.E.M music video for Losing My Religion. The film stars Lee Pace as an injured stuntman who meets a young, impressionable child, and proceeds to tell her a story simply to get her to get him some morphine, to kill himself. Solid premise, and when anything is done by Tarsem, you know the visuals will be stunning. Worth a rental, or if you are like me, a blind buy.

Alright, so this looks to be a pretty stacked week for Box Office releases, at least in terms of demographics. The female population will be glued to there seats for The Women a remake of George Cukor's 1939 film, of the same name, or the Tyler Perry film, The Family That Preys, starring Kathy Bates. Both films deal with romance, affairs, and seem to be trying to appeal to the feminine population. Don't worry guys, we get the Pacino/DeNiro film, Righteous Kill, a story about two aging detectives on the hunt for a serial killer who takes out the "bad guys". Have DeNiro and Pacino as Detectives, throw in some guns and a Rolling Stones song, and you have yourselves a surefire hit. Now, whether it's good or not, that has yet to be seen, however, it does look promising, and with the cast they have (Donnie D anybody???), you can't go horribly wrong. Oh, wait, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is in it...I take that back. All of that said, there is one film that looks to stand above them all...

Burn After Reading is the newest film from my personal favorite directors working today, the Coen Brothers. The film stars George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Tilda Swinton, J.K. Simmons, and John Malkovich, and to my surprise, has gotten some lukewarm to mild reviews. Now, the film has yet to be released to the public, so I don't know how it is, but the way that trailer is set up, it really has me hyped. I loved No Country For Old Men, easily the second best film I saw from last year, but their last comedy was the Tom Hanks film, The Ladykillers, so it's good to see them going back to comedy. Do I think it will be the best film of the year, no (The Wrestler or Benjamin Button gets that nod right now), but do I think it will be a great film, and an even better time...without a doubt.

This week looks to be really interesting, so expect a review of Righteous Kill and Burn After Reading sometime this weekend. I'll be seeing BAR on Friday, so I'll have that posted as soon as possible. Other than that, expect a top 10, some news and notes, and a DVD Review of The Fall.

Go see something good!

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