Friday, September 12, 2008

TRAILER: Frost/Nixon...

So, I go into the theatre today to check out the Coen Brother's new film, Burn After Reading. I have my large pop and my large tub of sludge butter popcorn, and the trailers begin to roll. The first one that pops up is for Milk, which looks amazing on the big screen. Second, is The International, which also looks amazing, and then comes the newest Body of Lies trailer. However, I had seen all of those, and while they all looked great, this one was a surprise to me. I knew it had been released, but it was never of interest to me, until now. It's the newest film from Ron Howard and stars Frank Langella as Richard Nixon. The film is called Frost/Nixon, and tells the story of the now famous interview between reporter David Frost, and the aforementioned Nixon. Here is the trailer...

So, what do you guys think? I personally think this film looks really great, especially with the ending line. It looks like it could have a little humor in it, while getting to some really important points, like the power of media. I've never been a real fan of Howard or his films, but this one does really look solid. Also, I think Frank Langella is absolutely perfect in this role. That could just be me though...

What are your thoughts?

I'll have my actual review of Burn After Reading tomorrow around noon.

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