Monday, September 15, 2008

TOP 10: Box Office Bombs...

Sometimes, money doesn't make quality. Speed Racer came out earlier this year, grossed about 40 million bucks, and cost just under 150 mil to make. However, I still thurolly enjoyed this flick. It comes out on DVD this Tuesday, so in honor of this release, I have come up with my ten favorite films that bombed at the box office. Now, what qualifies as a bomb? Well, simply put, it's a movie that made less than 60% of the gross budget for the film. Thats the only critique I used, so here's the list...

10.American History X
9. Grindhouse
8. Ed Wood
7. Ali
6. Miller's Crossing/Hudsucker Proxy
5. The Iron Giant
4. Zodiac
3. The Fountain
2. Fight Club
1. Bottle Rocket

There's a lot of bombs, but not many good ones, but if you have your own list, go ahead and post it here. Here's the list I took my movies from...

Go see something good!

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