Friday, September 12, 2008

TRAILER: The International...

Hey guys! So, it has been a busy couple of days for trailers, with the Soloist and Changeling releasing their respective trailers. Well, now it's time for Tom Tykwer and Clive Owen to get into the mix. Mr. Owen stars in the Run, Lola, Run helmer's newest film, The International, a flick about an Interpol agent (Owen), who tries to expose a big time financial group's involvement in an arms dealing ring. He is joined by Naomi Watts and Armin Mueller Stahl. The film is directed by the aformentioned Tykwer whose latest film, Perfume, met great critical buzz, but not much outside of that. He's always been known for his use of the senses, but this film looks to be something a little's the trailer...

I personally really like this trailer. It looks interesting, and as I said in my post on Changeling, I'm always into a thriller, especially when Government's and their coverups are involved. Owen's always really interested me, even though we last saw him in the stinker of an action film, Shoot 'Em Up, and whatever Watts does, I'm there. Also, I'm really interested in seeing what Tykwer does with a straight thriller. I hope his style comes through, but it looks like his signature use of the senses may not play into this flick. I'm really interested though...

What are your thoughts on this film?

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